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PolyGamers no longer exists. This site remains for archival purposes; it will eventually disappear from poly.berkeley.edu but will be mirrored at poly.goombas.org.

However, the organizer(s) may be working on a poly peer counseling program or poly social networking program. For more information, email poly {AT} berkeley {DOT} edu.

PolyGamers Resources

  • PolyGamers’ facebook page, which has pictures and descriptions of past events.
  • See our contact page to contact PolyGamers. If you would like to get general updates about the club or if you would like to help organize upcoming events, please ask to be subscribed to one of our mailing lists.

General Polyamory Resources

  • Wikipedia provides a good overview of polyamory.
  • Franklin's polyamory FAQ at Xero Magazine
  • Polyamory.org has a lot of resources about polyamory. These include FAQs, mailing lists, information about local poly meetups, and a compilation of essays and books that address polyamory or non-monogamy.
  • Pepper Mint's webpage, which has in-depth essays about polyamory and related topics.
  • The polyamory livejournal community provides an anonymous forum where people can talk about polyamory. Members often solicit advice about their polyamorous lifestyles and get a lot of useful feedback.
  • OkCupid is a poly-friendly dating and social networking site.

Bay Area Polyamory Resources:

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