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PolyGamers no longer exists. This site remains for archival purposes; it will eventually disappear from poly.berkeley.edu but will be mirrored at poly.goombas.org.

However, the organizer(s) may be working on a poly peer counseling program or poly social networking program. For more information, email poly {AT} berkeley {DOT} edu.

PolyGamers Events

  • We meet every other week in changing locations. Contact us for details. Depending on interest, we will host alternating social events, such as playing board games, watching movies, going to dinner, and hosting discussion groups or speakers. (If we go to dinner, we will leave one of our cell phone numbers on the door in case people arrive late.) Because not everyone can come on Tuesdays, we will try to hold some events on other days; email us if you would like to get notified of these events.
  • Poly Speed Dating is just what it sounds like -- you go on 5-minute dates with other poly people according to your age and sexual orientation preferences. The system is LGBT and genderqueer friendly. You can also go on "friendship dates" to meet poly friends.

    You must register in advance to guarantee yourself a spot.. If you are a solo male looking only to date females, there is a block on your registration -- email us by Tuesday and we will organize a way for you to get in. Also, if you cannot cover the $12 registration fee, let us know -- no one will be turned away for lack of funds.

    For more information about the event and to register, visit http://www.polyspeeddating.com/.

  • Radical relationships workshop on Thursday, December 4th, from 3-5pm in Kingman Hall, at 1730 La Loma Avenue

    Wendy-O Matik will lead a radical relationships workshop on Thursday, December 4th, from 3-5pm, location TBD. Wendy-O Matik is a Bay area based freelance writer, published poet, and radical love activist. Her description of her workshop is as follows: At a time when our nation is determined to keep us on the warpath, what better time to raise our voices against intolerance, hatred, and violence? At a time when our government propels us into a new dark age of fascism, what better time to talk about radical love, or the right to love who we want, how we want, and as many as we want? Loving openly and freely in these times, whether you are straight or queer, is a brave political act. We have been conditioned by outdated social norms that limit our perceptions and shackle us to unhealthy cycles of dissatisfying relationships. Yet we also live in a time when we can choose our gender and redefine our sexual identities. Don't we then have the right to decide what kind of relationship best suits our lifestyle? Declare yourself a revolutionary of the heart. Find out how you can expand your potential to love, transform your lifestyle, and together we can threaten the social forces of patriarchy!

Other events in the Bay Area

Most poly events in the Bay Area are publicized in the SF Bay Area poly mailing list. However, most of the events on this mailing list are attended by an older demographic. Below are events geared toward student-aged poly people.
  • The poly under-40 coffeehouse social. It takes place in San Francisco starting at 6pm on the 3rd Monday of every month. It's open to anyone under 40 years old, though most people are in their late 20s or early 30s. Around 30 people of all sorts show up, including university students, parents, and BDSM enthusiasts. The coffeeshop, Muddy Waters, is located at 521 Valencia St. between 16th and 17th Streets. For more information, contact Pepper at inki {AT} atg {DOT} com. This is one of the past announcements. Updated announcements are posted on the SF Bay Area poly mailing list.
  • You can find out about events for poly people 25 and under by signing up for the mailing list for poly people in the Bay Area who are 25 or under. It is intended to facilitate discussions, to help coordinate social activities and other get-togethers, and to provide resources about polyamory.

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