PolyGamers no longer exists. This site remains for archival purposes; it will eventually disappear from poly.berkeley.edu but will be mirrored at poly.goombas.org.

However, the organizer(s) may be working on a poly peer counseling program or poly social networking program. For more information, email poly {AT} berkeley {DOT} edu.

PolyGamers is a UC Berkeley student group which hosts social activities for students who are curious about or practicing polyamory or other forms of ethical non-monogamy. PolyGamers meets twice a month in changing locations. We provide a safe and accepting environment where students can learn more about polyamory, discuss their views and experiences, or just hang out. We welcome everyone, from those who are just curious about polyamory to those who have been polyamorous for years. Students may bring their non-student friends and significant others.

If you have questions not answered by our FAQ or About Us page, please contact us. If you would like to get general updates about the club or if you would like to help organize upcoming events, please ask to be subscribed to one of our mailing lists.

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