PolyGamers no longer exists. This site remains for archival purposes; it will eventually disappear from poly.berkeley.edu but will be mirrored at poly.goombas.org.

However, the organizer(s) may be working on a poly peer counseling program or poly social networking program. For more information, email poly {AT} berkeley {DOT} edu.

PolyGamers Frequently-Asked Questions

This FAQ is for questions about PolyGamers. For general questions about polyamory, see Franklin's polyamory FAQ or our polyamory resources page.

Whatís the purpose of PolyGamers?
Weíre a UC Berkeley student group which hosts social activities, discussion groups, and workshops for students who are curious about or practicing polyamory or other forms of ethical non-monogamy. We provide a safe and accepting environment where students can learn more about polyamory, discuss their views and experiences, or just hang out.
Whatís polyamory?
Polyamory is the desire, practice, or acceptance of having more than one loving, intimate relationship at a time with the full knowledge and consent of everyone involved.
What do you do at your meetings?
Depending on interest, we will host alternating social events, such as board game nights, dinner nights, discussion groups, and workshops.
When and where are your meetings?
We meet every other week in changing locations. For details about our events, see our events page or contact us.
What do you "do" at your "meetings"?
Several people have asked if we have group sex during our meetings, or if we automatically exchange phone numbers with everyone else so we can hook up later on. We don't. But like at any other social club on campus, people may meet people they're interested in and end up dating them.
Iím polyamorous, but why should I come to your meetings?
Polyamory can be hard to figure out on your own; itís complicated and there arenít many resources about it. At the meetings, you can learn from people who have more experience in an environment where you wonít be stigmatized. Specifically, you can get advice about how to practice polyamory, how to resolve your polyamorous relationship issues, and what kinds of polyamorous relationship styles and configurations are out there.
Who can come?
We welcome everyone, from those who are just curious about polyamory to those who have been polyamorous for years. Students may bring their non-student friends and significant others.
Are there any rules at the meetings?
Yes. There's an implicit agreement that whatever you say at club meetings will be confidential and that no one will disclose your identity to non-members. Also, if you make other people uncomfortable during the meetings, such as by acting sleazy, you will be asked to leave.
Do you have a political agenda?
No. We just want to provide a place where people who are interested in polyamory can hang out and discuss polyamory without being stigmatized. In this sense, we hope the club will increase mainstream tolerance and acceptance of people who practice polyamory. However, as an organization, we are not trying to convert people to polyamory and we are not trying to get polygamy legalized.
Are you advocating that everyone become polyamorous?
No. If monogamy works for you and youíre not interested in becoming polyamorous, do what feels right and stay monogamous.

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