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PolyGamers no longer exists. This site remains for archival purposes; it will eventually disappear from poly.berkeley.edu but will be mirrored at poly.goombas.org.

However, the organizer(s) may be working on a poly peer counseling program or poly social networking program. For more information, email poly {AT} berkeley {DOT} edu.

About Us

PolyGamers is a UC Berkeley student group which hosts social activities for students who are curious about or practicing polyamory or other forms of responsible non-monogamy. We provide a safe and accepting environment where students can learn more about polyamory, discuss their views and experiences, or just hang out. We welcome everyone, from those who are just curious about polyamory to those who have been polyamorous for years. Students may bring their non-student friends and significant others.

We will host polyamory discussion groups, polyamory workshops, poly and poly-friendly board game nights, movie nights, dinners, and other social activities during the Fall 2008 semester.

At the meetings, there's an implicit agreement that whatever you say will be confidential and that no one will disclose your identity to non-members. Also, if you make other people uncomfortable during the meetings, such as by acting sleazy, you will be asked to leave. Several people have asked if we have group sex during our meetings, or if we automatically exchange phone numbers with everyone else so we can hook up later on. We don't. But like at any other social club on campus, people may meet people they're interested in and end up dating them.

We meet every other week in changing locations. See our home page or contact us for details. Depending on interest, we will host alternating social events, such as playing board games, watching movies, going to dinner, and hosting discussion groups or speakers. (If we go to dinner, we will leave one of our cell phone numbers on the door in case people arrive late.) Because not everyone can come on Tuesdays, we will try to hold some events on other days; email us if you would like to get notified of these events.

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